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Your life IS a sensual journey. Become this aroused amazing positive minded person you deserve to be. Surround yourself with Erotica & sensuality. Desire. Live. Breathe. Smell. Feel. Wear it, love it, do it. Change arrogance into charms. Elevate stress and aggressiveness into stamina and positive sex power. Release this wonderful dopamine, may it flow abundantly and consistently. Reach higher levels of self-respect, awareness, and most of all: make the best of your knowledge and let yourself get lost into hot and passionate discoveries. Let life take the best of you …do good, do it good, take it good.


Kinky minded illustrators

THE PIE EATER …by Keith P. Rein

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Introducing – Again – video series “Define-beauty”

This is a wonderful video series from Nowness, curated a time ago. "BUT" I thought that it was time to re-introduce it -again- for the pleasure of your sens, eyes, some humour some choking some big winks to the saddest part of what defines beauty. As old is this...
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Video Sexy test list 1

Video Sexy test list 1

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Coming Out

My first kiss with a woman was incredibly eye opening. I thought it would feel the same as with a Man. But it was softer, I could sink into her. I wanted to make this softness mine, I wanted to push into it, grab it and explore it with my mouth.

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I’d had experiences like this for two months. I began to wonder if there was something medically wrong with me, (like John Travolta in Phenomenon, only with orgasms instead of telekinesis).

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Sweet Surrender

So I offer myself to you, naked on this screen, with a deep desire to share my sexual discovery journey, as it were.

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