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What is it about
sex outdoors?

Writer : Jessica Stills

Illustrations  – Talent : Nakedscribbles

What is it about sex outdoors?
These cool August nights, calling bodies to share warmth.
The bugs are too slow to bite.

During the act, intruding thoughts of getting caught
Imagining ourselves from the perspective of someone watching silently from the bushes…
What my gasps and cries of pleasure sound like to other late night thrill seekers.

Teetering between romance and pure animalistic desire.
The grunting of my lover and the smacking of our bodies.
The shooting stars arching above
As my back arches in ecstasy.

Yeah, there are bruises
A bloody price paid
Knees scraped
Each vertebrae outlined in purple
Palms pock-marked and red

Battle scars.

I cherish these injuries
I take pictures of them and share them with my lover.

I tell half truths to my co-workers
When they note my stiff movements:
I slid down a rock-face
I’m glad they asked
Part of me hopes the mischief in my eyes
The blush of my cheeks
Might give it away.

What is it about sex outdoors?

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