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Work remote

Be a early team builder

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Get involved in all our current projects and be in our early teams for ones to come.

Work remote. What does it mean? It means you can work from your house, a cafe, under an umbrella at the beach, all we want is results. You are a responsible individual with visionary ideas, a taste for accomplishment we want to hear from you. Remote workers, Digital nomads welcome, lets team up for a greater world.


Jmamuse is a project that took different proportions along the way. Jmamuse is an initiative that unit sales and talent promotion within the erotica realm. Illustration, writing, fashion and events are the base of our interests.  Our goal is to become a reference and eventually be the erotica one stop shop from Montreal and beyond.

We are directing artists and event organizers interviews, finding crafts and and original products of interests + getting involved into promoting an healthy sexual lifestyle.

Open Positions:   Flexible hours  –  Remote


SALES - read more -

Louca is looking for a responsible sales person that thrives freedom in their schedule and remote working. You like new challenges and willing to get involved in different aspect of the sale and project managements? Les besoins de Louca sont d’élargir la porté de son invitation à faire confiance à une équipe sans fondations local nécessaire à son fonctionnement. Avec l’idée d’un studio nomade nous espérons garder le créatif inspiré sans s’emboiter et s’ancrer dans une routine endormante. Nous encourageons donc une vie responsable et productive alimentée d’aventures et de nouvelles expériences.



INTERN - read more -

You are knowledgeable into conceptual web design, specializing in search engine optimization, you will be engaged in responsibilities igniting your senses and knowledge right away.

Affiliate marketing
Monetisation strategies
Social Media
Design improvement

Even as a new Jmamuse team member you will be involved, right away into finding a consistent tone of voice getting our users aroused and asking for more. Your role has two sides to it. One is focused on flexing your mind with gathering, curating industry influencers and editing a variety of story projects, and the other is focused on the maintenance and operation of our online tools.

A sample of your various task and duties will include:

  • Generate content, maintaining and updating Newsletters and Optins.
  • Maintain Social media active thread.
  • Assist where needed (including on Event production and talents interviews)


And that’s just the beginning….

You Will Need

  • An ability to take complex concepts and translate them for a broader audience.
  • To follow a style guide, and have a love for challenging set rules towards improvement.
  • An inclination for some layout skills and small graphic design work.
  • Familiarity with WordPress, Buffer, online meetings, and a willingness to learn new tools.
  • Excited to test out your Knowledge in E-commerce, Affiliate marketing, Analytic and website monetisation strategies.
  • Attention to details and excellent time and project management skills.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • The ability to work remotely and responsibly



  • Curiosity . Energy . Organization . Humor . Humility . Good Taste . Persistence .


How to Apply

  • Send an email introducing yourself and your interest at .
  • Separately, challenge Jmamuse, write 250 words describing what you think Jmamuse does and should be doing on top of it and or instead.
  • Be prepared to talk about marketing campaigns (e.g., newsletters, emails, videos, websites, infographics, etc.) you find compelling. What do you like about it? Why does it work? What would you do differently?


Lastly, we care more about your potential to do great work at Jmamuse. Regardless of your background, this is an excellent role for someone looking to start out and grow in the online business.



BLOGGERS - read more -

You need to expose your ideas. Sexy ideas. What is your Kink? Erotica Fetish LGBT Music Films … Your suggestions



INVESTORS - read more -

Jmamuse is a growing website venture



ADVERTISERS - read more -

Jmamuse is a growing website venture

Think you’re kinky enough? You are invited to place adds



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