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Body positive Jewelry design and produced in Berlin

The mission is simple: to draw attention to the clitoris. This organ is totally important for the sexual pleasure of half of the population of the world, but nonetheless, remains still today, a mystery to many people.

Find their 3D printed clitoris shaped black pendant in a steel dark gray chain here

Visit Michelle Gauthier

She creates feminist and reproductive-themed works in order to promote self-love, to embrace individuality, and to show that there is no cause for shame when it comes to what is natural. She uses cross stitch and embroidery (which have been thought of in the past as conservative feminine crafts) to depict expressive and opinionated themes. Gauthier attempts to create a strong juxtaposition between form and content, and enables the viewer to question society’s opinions and norms about these subjects. Just like every person and body, none of her works are exactly alike.

Ö My Gode Michou

Michel Thibert is a sculptor from La Prairie (Montreal South-shore) He created O My Goded Michou and dedicated this collection to his grand sens of humor, the girls and the boys that love the phallic shapes and inspirations. In Collaboration with Jmamuse he sets up shop to share his work with his fans from all over the world.

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