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Hans Bellmer

Dada & Surrealism



providing or showing creative or spiritual inspiration

Emblem of the Surrealism,

ExpressionismDada – Erotica/Political statements

Artist, Writer, Illustrator, Painter, Photographer, Sculptor

“The body resembles a sentence that seems to invite us to dismantle it into its component letters, so that its true meanings may be revealed ever anew through an endless stream of anagrams.”

Hans Bellmer Signature

If you think sexual expression is hard today, think again. Hans Bellmer, my today’s inspirational flesh-illustrated subject, was in Germany under the Nazi oppression, just when the party denounced modern art as “degenerate”; that could sure shook some today’s confident artsy statements…

Well known for his explicit and sometimes pornographic illustrations. he created images that reflected what he felt was a disturbing, and disturbed world. His work has been hailed by some as representing the limits of human sexuality, while others have found his work to simply objectify the female body as a captive of the male sexual gaze.

inspired from the “theartstory” 

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