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This is a wonderful video series from Nowness, curated a time ago. “BUT” I thought that it was time to re-introduce it -again- for the pleasure of your sens, eyes, some humour some choking some big winks to the saddest part of what defines beauty. As old is this series it is still accurate and unfortunately for our reality will probably remain true for a while. Although happy are those talented directors all inspired by it and definitely creates the most eloquent videos along the topic. Thanks to you talents

Director James Lees


“Human beings have always had a complex relationship to tanning”

Director Matt Lambert

His Sweat

Matt Lambert gets under the skin of our infatuation with the bodily fluid
Sweat becomes a metaphor for love, sex, masculinity, vulnerability, excretion, exhaustion and intimacy”

In Names They Give Me,
Marie Schuller uses footage of dancer Remy Fox,

STFU (Shut The Fuck Up)

By providing a low-risk communication platform to anyone with a WiFi connection, the internet has brought to light the darker—sometimes crueler— side of human nature.

Photography duo Barbara Metz and Eve Racine,


A hair-raising visual offering

Director Guy Aroch

The Magic Gap

Guy Aroch turns his lens toward a bodily obsession on the streets of Manhattan for #DefineBeauty

Director Bart Hess

From 18-80 in Two Minutes

What happens to your body over a lifetime

Director Barnaby Roper


Let your pheromones do the talking

Barcelona director collective, Canada’s Nicolás Méndez, Lope Serrano, Oscar Romagosa and Alba Barneda…

Crème Caramel

-deconstructed the sensual yet somehow irreverent features of the female form. “When you are obsessed with someone, it’s not just with that someone—it’s with the shape of the hips, the color of the nipples, or the shade of her hair when she comes out of the shower,”

Director Saam Farahmand

Les Fleurs

-“One of the things I appreciate most about female beauty is what’s commonly appreciated the least,” says Saam Farahmand of his ode to body hair that launches NOWNESS’ new five-part series #DefineBeauty. “

Director Clara Cullen

Beauty Is a Form of Genius

“Everyone wants something they don’t have. It’s the principle of desire,” says Clara Cullen, the Buenos Aires-born director of Beauty Is a Form of Genius,the second film in the weekly NOWNESS series #DefineBeauty.

Director James Lees

In Praise of Fat

Kicking off the second season of NOWNESS’S Define Beauty series, director James Lees explores the sensuality of fat featuring porn star Brock Avery and model Vanity Fox. “When do you ever see an overweight

More is more…

Director Jonas Åkerlund

Beyond the Skin

 …in the #DefineBeauty series, in which he follows American model and actor Shaun Ross around the back streets and freeways of Los Angeles. “I think Shaun has spent all his life with those reactions. Look again and you see that this guy is really beautiful.”

Director Matthew Donaldson

My Scars

Each disrupted surface has a story to tell

Director Emile Rafael

Feel The Burn

A word-for-word homage to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s famously lewd Pumping Iron interview

Director Marie Schuller

Am I Ugly?

Highlighting the distorted nature of contouring culture. For her contribution to the latest series of Define Beauty, London-based director Marie Schuller has turned to the dark depths of the web, holding up a mirror to strange cultural occurrences that have become the everyday.

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