We are Kinky minded curators that created Jmamuse to first, have fun, and to top that, collect our bests images, books and more as for Jmamuse to become your one kinky stop. Here you’ll find, eroticism, surreal and all things that puts a lovely and quite sexy smirk in our faces. You are here because you are open to our ideas but, mostly cause you are an 18+ adult that is looking for something… While we’d love to know more on what you are searching in eroticism, surreal or anything that could impress you in a soft or harder way, We’ll post what we like and get you to where you’ll find and get it.



It exposes, funds$$ and encourages all sexiest minds, creators and talents that we choose to show. It allows them to live from what they do best, which is getting you aroused. It also gives us curators the energy, time, credibility and money leverage to find deeper, better, higher levels of accessibility into talents, events or ongoing special researches.  All in the name of a better and expanding creative world.

Kinky in the City

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