O My Gode Michou, Dildo Sculpture, OMGM_iTems_50N


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Made in La Prairie Quebec Canada by Michel Thibert

For mature audience:

Carefully chosen, each one is a unique, one of a kind piece of art. Crafted to sustain balance into arousedness,
this is a handmade wooden dildo (Gode michet). It is custom-made from recycled driftwood.

It has a high-gloss finish, obtained by several coats of finish with sanding in between. This finish protects the wood from moisture, which could lead to discolouration and even cracking. Third, it shows off the natural beauty of the wood.

Designed to be a piece of functional art each dildo is conceived and stamped with the artist name and the year of make. They can also welcome a foot base if needed – although they mostly don’t need it if not already attached to it.

I can take special orders, do not hesitate to get in contact if you have a special requirement (wood species, size, shape).

This specific piece is made of Manitoba Maple
Approximate size of the dildo shown is 16” high x 8” wide 14″ at the base.

Depending on your screen and ambient light, the natural colour of the wood might look slightly different from the real life piece…

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Handmade item
Height: 16 Inches
Width: 8 Inches
Depth: 14 Inches
Materials: Wood, Driftwood, Recycled wood, Bois, Bois recyclé, Bois Flotté, bois récupéré

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 7 × 8 × 14 in


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Michel Thibert is a sculptor from La Prairie (Montreal South-shore) He created O My Goded Michou and dedicated this collection to his grand sens of humor, the girls and the boys that love the phallic shapes and inspirations. In Collaboration with Jmamuse he sets up shop to share his work with his fans from all over the world.


Un jour une amie me demande si en tant qu’artiste sculpteur je pouvais lui faire un dildo ou un Gode Michet en bois.

Certainement, mais je voulais lui en faire un originale pas simplement un bout de bois rond, style manche à balais. J’ai attendu un mois ou 2 que l’inspiration me vienne et tout à coup dehors en coupant les branches d’un arbre, j’ai vu que tout était là simplement : formes, grosseur, longueur, courbes, textures, etc. il suffisait seulement de sculpter le tout, à la main, les sabler les polir et vernir.  Maintenant je suis très fier d’avoir réussi à réunir le végétal à l’animal. Et depuis j’en ai fais des centaines de différent en tailler, couleur, essence de bois, et formes.

Je les expose aussi dans différentes galerie d’art, d’expo érotique et en ligne. Ils procurent toujours de vives réaction dans tous les milieux et s’offrent très bien en cadeau.

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