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You’ve been working on a new series for a little while now and wow, yes we cannot deny it, it is definitely signed by our super talented Daan Noppen. Loyal to your style, yet your technics and studies evolved/improved, engaging a recognizable and highly detailed light that we expected to see, but to the greater extent of your talent.

As usual it is soft, but well defined and when bold it balances everything so perfectly. Delightful. A new series that makes your collectors and fans, that although easily recognize you will also discover and feel a more refined and more mature touch, taking it to higher levels of Aaaaw. Okay I’d hate to just tell about the obvious but, just because I’m so excited and just to brague a bit more about it well, dynamics into statics and movement, the cloth, and the geometry that we love so much from you, gets us even deeper than ever. We’re easily charmed and we certainly want more of this growing and extra-ordinary body of work.


SO         …where are we going from there?

Just to clear out some of the givens, you are a talented drawer, a photographer based in Amsterdam, with an impressive list of past exhibitions all around that counts locations like New York, Mexico, Shanghai, Metz, Luxembourg, Belgium, The Netherlands. Numerous awards in design, photography and craft since 2004. Just to say how Involved, accomplished, and devoted you are but… yet at what extent?




…to give the work my virtual self




Hi Daan, Thank you so much for taking the time to share some of your background, thoughts, vision, tips and tricks with us.


I love how you are mixing all the elements in most pieces you are crating. Working your light, shadows, physics into movements, cloth, geometry… What in this process that helps you keeping this Daan Noppen Signature.




Jmamuse thank you for this interview and your words, really appreciate this. To answer your question a bit, I love to find myself in this new art wave that seems to arise currently. It’s name, new contemporary, is somewhat unhandy chosen. But never the less this movement is about creating art with a soul. A lot of people that before did not have a place in art are finding their home here, people that made art for film, people that grew up doing design.

I think it is the first time that art is inspired and influenced with the applied arts. For me the process that is so connected to me, or as you call it my signature is to give the work a soul. I try to crawl into it, to give the work my virtual self.

Physics and maths


Very recognizable yet we want to see more of your work. It seems that there is a desire to push and prove that the style remains limitless. Infinitely improving and growing.

Is there outside influences, other hobbies, further studies that feed this motivation to always push it further and do better?


I always study physics and maths papers out of fascination, but life in itself just by what I encounter around me does just that I think. People just keep fascinating me endlessly.


Quite eloquent, both facial expressions and body language play a huge role through shapes and space. Well yeah like most illustrated pieces you’d say, but for Daan Noppen it seems to be specific to a constant study, or maybe is it a language, a message, a statement? Or is it maybe just because?


Well you know the geometry and physics they tell us so much about our reality, but for me in my work I don’t want this perception or language of reality become something ‘scientific’ It should rather be speak about our being, our desires, our pain and our cry for being loved.


…they become part of the space


What it is with big format?


I found out not so long ago the greatness and beauty in the very small but yes the big format. I don’t know, the monumental size of a work. It starts to communicate with the space around you. I love it so much, especially murals for they become part of the space.




Although jmamuse often plays into the “juicy” arousal part of the erotica, what catches our eye is how intellectual your direction is. A definite turn on to us.

The beauty of the curves taken to an intellectual level, a mathematical sensuality, a geometrical sexiness approach that leaves nobody indifferent…

Can you develop your bond with your work process. What makes this emotional connection happen when keeping it intellectually refreshing.


Haha, love the geometrical sexiness! I think the energy when I am creating art is the exact same energy when having sex.



What does turn you on Daan Noppen? Can you define what is your erotica?


Things that turn me on most are often the things we can not see. Our mind will wonder there, or try to imagine the part we are not seeing. This addresses things like anticipation, teasing and curiosity for me.




About exhibiting your work,

Deep inside, when choosing a piece for a show, when the sketch pleases you, can you explain the vibration the piece needs to convey?

The feeling inside. That thing that makes you feel that this piece will make someone stare in Aaaw…


This is always what you try to achieve as an artist but never really accomplish. Sometimes you get close.

What is essential i to use things in your work that fascinate you, that you are obsessed with. And try to follow them until the end.


Is there any new developing opportunities for you around and what are your plans to finance your talented growth further down the line?


I want to develop techniques of mixed media to be able to create even larger pieces.


Who is your dream client – fan – collector and how does he behave towards your creative vision?


I would really love to asked by Pow Wow to create a mural for them, that would just be amazing.





Daan Noppen

Your 2017/18 creative vision?

DN #keeppushing

J Colour or colour theme of the year?

DN Blue

As a photographer, Favorite lens

DN 50mm

3 top most favorite art softwares if applicable

DN Photoshop, sketch, Maya

As a drawer, Your favorite physical Pen/pencil/brush brand (+link)?

DN Mechanical pencil, C’aran d’ache pablo colored pencils

As Daan, Best world destination?

DN Beyond this world please!

As Daan, Best world destination?

DN Beyond this world please!

What gets you horny?

DN The unknown

Body part that turns you on?

DN The back

The most crazy thing you’ve ever experienced?

DN Can be anything. Anti gravity

Your sexiest song?

DN Issues, Julia Michaels


I am Invited by @craftinfocusnewyork /craftinfocusnewyork to give a Masterclass in drawing hands this summer at their festival in New York!! Check out the link here below or their insta page if you want to know more! Ticket sales start 1st of may.

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