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Yes! No! not the civil engineer but the photographer

Hi Milena, thank you so much for giving us some time and answer some questions we had about you and your wonderful photography work. 

Searching for you we find, beside your talented photography work of course, quite very little actually… So misterious 😉 and oh but soooo worth to push the search a bit further.

Very quickly we learn that you are coming from Tetovo, Macedonia, that you are also a Self taught photographer and digging a bit deeper: your profession happens to be Civil Engineering… Or is it so?

Oh no definitely NOT the Civil engineer. There is then two Milena Gjorgjevska. So yes! Only focus on this talented Photographer. 

Got it!

So since your ability to structure body into light and space although certainly not coming from or even influenced by a non existent civil engineering background… Where is your main source of inspiration mostly coming from then?

…the connection between the two…

…not sure if I can translate it into words and that’s exactly what trigers me…


You are creating a world field with symbols. You keep the human factor of your photography intensely close to its feminine roots. Building a statement out of most of them what in words could describe this feminine perception? 


I keep the human factor close to nature. I’ve always found the connection between the two to be inspiring.

There are many things that are out of reach in terms of understanding this relation, or they are simply inhibited, and that’s where the symbols occure. The creator’s work is his projection.

I’m not sure if I can translate it into words and that’s exactly what trigers me – showing it instead of saying it.


You are not considering yourself as an erotica photographer. Yet many images play within the edges of a sensual imagination. 

It is clear that the intention is targeting more of an alliance between aesthetics and feminine or even feminist symbolism; could you make a clearer distinction between the two for us?


There’s no big difference to me, i think they are tightly connected.

EROTICA… a space left for imagination.


Can you define more precisely what erotica is to you?


Hmm, I suppose the same as for everyone. I am a visual type, I love it when there’s mystery, hints, a space left for imagination.
Imagination is a huge human advantage. If you manage to engage the viewer’s own imagination, you’ve established a deeper connection between him and the creation.


What other personal interests/hobby spices up your creative process?


It varies, sometimes it’s the dynamic of my surrounding, other times it’s calmness and nature.

Physiognomies, music, books, films and of course, other artists.



Fully devoted to your art, are you considering it above the “hobby”


Yes, increasingly so with the passage of time.



You seem, to create a connection within light and the story to tell. What does working with light the way you do means?


Photography is painting with light, of course. As I’ve already mentioned, most of my photos have a dark content, so here I implement light as a balancing contrast.

Sometimes even as a discernment from the destructive overtone of my photos. There can be no light without a shadow…


What word, describes best your work to the closest? The word can be in the language of your choice.


Uhh, if i was good with words i wouldn’t be photographer, haha. I’ll use the japanese term “Mono no aware”, which perfectly captures my dual perception.

It means beauty tinged with sadness, for there cannot be any real beauty without the indolic whiff of decay.


We find your work on many online platforms. Which in each you seem to keep a constant style but what is in your mind at the moment?

Will we recognize Milena work in 5 years from now or do you plan to throw us off, destabilizing your fans and collectors with something completely new? Anything youíd like to announce?


Well, what makes a great artist is his sensibility. Even if I change the style, I hope I’ll still keep my sensibility. 

As to the future plans, I will only say that i will continue with my photography.

For me, photography, is always an adventure.


Deep inside, when choosing a piece for a show. Can you explain the vibration the photograph needs to convey?

The feeling inside. That thing that makes you feel that this piece will make someone stare in Aaaw


Well, it’s almost always a different thing, it depends on the work, 

it could be an emotion, empathy, suggestion, composition, creativity, an aspect… I am still exploring and trying to develop further.

 I think it would be a photo that implements if not all, at least some of these elements.


Is there any new developing opportunities for you around and what are your plans to finance your talented growth further down the line? 


There are some job opportunities from time to time. 

I want to continue building up on my talent, of course, even if I don’t make any money out of it.


Who is your dream client and how does he behave towards your creative vision?


I guess I am my own dream client, haha.





Milena Gjorgjevska

Your 2017/18 vision?

MG To continue creating

Favorite lens?

MG I often use analog lenses. Helios 44m-4, for now

3 top most favorite art softwares? 

MG Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom. I don’t use any others

Use of a graphic tablet? Which one? 

MG I don’t use any

Your favorite digital brush (+link?)

MG Same as above *I don’t use any

J Best world destination?

MG Right now, Iceland

What turns you on or even horny?

MG Beyond this world please!

What gets you horny?

MG Confidence, self-awareness

Body part that turns you on?

MG Hands

Best erotica piece youíve scene?

MG I still haven’t made the best one yet. I’ve seen many, David Hamilton works, for instance

The most crazy thing youíve ever experienced?

MG Hmmm, since I’m trying hard to remember and still coming up with nothing, 

I guess there isn’t anything worth mentioning. Except for my dreams, but I’m not sharing those, haha.


And Finally,

Your best advice for eventual success and exposure from a mentor (Feel free to explain who he is) and your own best experienced advice for your fellow photographer.


“Mysteries lie all around us, even in the most familiar things, waiting only to be perceived”. Wynn Bullock

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