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Cody Seekins is best known for his entheogen inspired psychedelic works and their entangled twins, the “Jataka Tales of a Budgie-Sattva”.  Seekins refers to all of his works as Jatakas, an allusion to the allegories within Buddhism of the Gautuma Buddha’s past lives.  The narrative of those lives illustrate the karma which is processed before reaching perfect awareness.  Because the nature of awareness has both an internal and external, fine and gross spectrum, Cody’s artworks exhibit a wide range of definite and abstract imagery.  Whereas in the historical Jatakas, the identities of the Buddha were narrated over many lives, for Seekins’ works, distinct identities are illustrated within a single life.  The term “Budgie-Sattva” within his artworks is a play upon the term Budgie(parrot), and Bodhisattva, which denotes a being who is still “exploring the path” toward Nirvana.

Woven throughout the various and distinct bodies of imagery is the conveyance of corporeal form, sensuality, and sexuality.  These expressions span the gamut from direct physical representation of bodies to the morphological manifestations of the mind.

From environments, to budgies, to aliens, to the Psychedelic Boy; the exploration of libidinal energy in its various transmutations finds its unique expression.



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