The will to !BE!

soooooooo incredibly sexy.

Lou Lou

Raise what ever it is you are into

You might wonder why and how this video could even be considered as a post in this erotica environment. There is no doubt in my mind that what is the most arousal aspect of one is this persona. Stamina. Of course I consider that not all of us have this energy to become one with a physical discipline but if it could only be kindness… It will be about this extra level of kindness. Generosity. Consideration. Knowledge. Raise what ever it is you are into, to the level of becoming someone’s kink. A person’s erotic reference.

Currated by Nowness, series/endurance-test
Featuring: Felix Price
Directed by Ian Derry

We’ll be a team

Defy rules. Become this person we believe in as we also become this person you’ll believe in.
We’ll be strong, and when = together = stronger.

We’ll be a team.
Coaching each other to greater goals. To perfect our behaviours and self-control in critical moment.
Each other’s mirror, teaching ourselves to be the best human being we can be.

Currated by Nowness, series/endurance-test
Featuring: Ruqsana Begum
Directed by David Leon

And those two below?… Well…

Justeye candy bonuses

Enjoy !

Found-again and again by
Featuring: 030 by the Good The Bad   
Directed by Jeppe Kolstrup

Found-again and again by   
Directed by Hoffman / Metoyer

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